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Hi all
For whoever has this setup

Happier now to be a Scala G9 owner!

As per Cardo support there is a new firmware 1.3 available for the G9 either single or power pack. This is major news and in fact 3 consecutive updates since 1.0 (or 1.1 can´t remember) that was the one available so far, and each of them with improvements, I would consider the most striking ones fm station voice feedback and mp3 voice control. It´s great to know it can be programmed with new voice functions as well as a other bits and pieces

Don´t know if what I posted in
has been solved but I´ll cross my fingers

here´s the changelog at

Release Notes – scala rider G9


Improved battery life

Improved Voice Feedback:

“Not available” (Other side not available for Intercom connection)
“Busy” (Other side is visible but not available for incoming connections)

Bug fixes and other improvements


Group Signal sender now hears “Signal” feedback

Bug fixes and other improvements


Added new Voice Feedback:

FM Frequency Announcements
Saved Station feedback
Hello/Goodbye on Power ON/OFF

Improved cross language Voice Recognition

If Group Signal received from Rider A or Rider B, feedback now says “Signal Rider A” or “Signal Rider B”

Added new Voice Commands:

“Next track” (A2DP Music)
“Previous track” (A2DP Music)
“Next Station” (FM Radio)
“Previous Station” (FM Radio)

Added VOX Operation Mode setting:

Change the behavior of VOX Activation from Activate Voice Command (default) to Start Intercom Call

BMW Bluetooth Audio System Compatibility Pairing Mode (tested on BMW K1600)

Details:The scala rider G9 can be paired to a mobile phone and a BMW Bluetooth Audio System at the same time.
Pairing with a BMW Bluetooth Audio System:
With a scala rider G9 in Stand by mode, press and hold the Volume down button for 5 seconds, until the Blue and Red LED's begin rapidly alternating.
Search for Bluetooth devices using the BMW Bluetooth Audio System and follow the instructions to select and pair to the scala rider G9.

Improved compatibility with Garmin Zumo 660 and A2DP Music streaming

Bug fixes and other improvements

So get on updating! I am doing mine right now.
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