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Hello everyone...

I could not ride my V for about a month and I put (don't know what it is called in English '' tent maybe') then yesterday I realised that there were some rust in the o ring. I tried to remove it with a rust remover solution but it did not work well so I tried gasoline did not work as well. After a couple of hours I did remove some of it and washed the V and lubricated the ring ... Ride it like 5 km everything was good so guys do I have to replace the ring...
Also yesterday I took my V for the first time off road but I mean really off road did some water crossing and things like that. Tried to climb up a hill which was really upright and in the middle of the cliff my rear tire got stuck in the road , if I had a different tire I beleive V performance off road is also very good . I don't know how much the V can take up in really off road but I put on my mind when time comes to change the tires I not going to replace them with stock...

So enjoy everyone thanks to everybody
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