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Mod's can you please move this to the correct subforum. I definitely feel for the OP, however I think it would be better in another one of the forums.

Thanks in advance!!!
Post: Bike Bandit Bad
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Posted by: potus2012
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Two weeks ago I placed an order for a tinted faceshield and highside gloves to be given to my wife for Christmas. I did this with Bike Bandit because I had a gift card and some "bandit bucks", and the gloves were on closeout for $15. I have been satisfied with them on past closeout purchases, where their prices were unbeatable. Not this time. Despite being listed as in stock, the items were not. They had to be ordered and cross-shipped. As of yesterday they weren't even ready to ship yet. No way they get to me on time, as I am soon moving to Arkansas. I ask them to change the shipping address and they refuse. Instead they try to cancel the order and write out a new one. Won't work either as they can no longer list the gloves. I cancelled the order. :mad: The smiley does no justice to how pissed I am. I will NEVER order from Bike Bandit again, they can keep their damn gift card and bandit bucks.
Placed the order for the faceshield from Riders Discount today.
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