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I went on a RTE (Ride To Eat) to Forksville, PA yesterday. It was a blast riding the twisties, the sweepers and the unpaved roads in Northern Pennsylvania.

After lunch a few of us went to the Knob <something> Vista, which is a great view from up high into a valley. The road up there, as well as many other roads that I had planned, are hard packed dirt or gravel, or a combination of both.

Beautiful vista.
Do you see the cutie in a bikini in the middle of the picture, swimming in the little water in the creek bed down below? Yeah, neither do I, but my fellow rider with the binoculars said he did. :rolleyes:
There were plenty of soaring Turkey Vultures in the air. Yeah, we were envyous. ...Of the soaring, not the being a Turkey Vulture. :) Though Lou-Ann (another fellow rider) was pretty sure she would still be afraid of flying if she were a bird. :huh: :p

On my ride back home I took many roads like the one going to the vista and like the one in the picture.
Few pounds is the key, both in the bike (compared to the 700 lbs Honda ST1100's and ST1300's that the others were riding) and in the tires. Once I deflated the tires from 35 to 27 psi, the Versys was surefooted enough to take the gravel roads at about 40 mph. Great fun!
I am still neither brave nor skilled enough to throw rooster tails of gravel in the turns. Perhaps one day...

Nice raised-track bridge across a creek on one of my gravel road adventures.

My route planning was thwarted several times by "Bridge out" and "Road blocked" issues.
This one was preceded by a sign that said "Road closed to all vehicles", with big concrete blocks (see background in picture) to make their point. They weren't kidding.

You can see the drainpipes going into the woods, probably added later to properly manage the drain water that took the road down in the first place?

Wait a minute... The road may be closed, but it don't say nuttin' 'bout the woods, right? :D
Yup, looks mighty passable to me.


It took 10 minutes and some wrestling, but it was my own tiny little adventure.
I have learned that one can do things with the Versys that you can't with the ST1100 (well, George [infamous ST1100 go-anywhere rider] can). I have also learned that when you go trail riding, even if only for 100 yards, knobbies would probably work much better than 100% street tires like the Avon Storms. :)

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Hmmmmm, now where have I seen a Versys in NWPA? Oh yeah Mine, at least four times this year so far.

Next time you head that way, let me know. I can show you around.
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