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For Sale: RH and LH tank fairings 2010-2014

  • $40US/$51CDN
  • RH fairing is white, LH fairing is spark black
  • both fairings are uncracked/undamaged with minor scuffing
  • forward loop tab is damaged on both although this does not impact attachment to bike as both will attach securely to bike as is due to duplicate attachment points on forward part of fairing
  • optionally will repair all scuffs and professionally paint ($60US for both for painting inc. materials), with 2 top clear coats and ABS primer + finish buffing, to an OEM high gloss finish, with your choice of color, can color match exactly all Kawasaki colors or paint to your choice of color with a supplied paint code
  • ships from Canada, will provide shipping estimate with a provided zip or postal code
  • as it costs the same to ship both of these as it does to ship only one side, and it costs the same to paint one side as it does to paint both sides, it is more economical to purchase both sides together
pictures to follow


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