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Just took a short 20-mile test ride with new CalSci windscreen. Wow! I wasn't expecting it to perform so well. Really quiet and controlled air. I am 5-7 and have the medium screen set at the lowest position. I can see easily over the top of the screen, but can ride with my faceshield up with no buffeting or extra noise. In fact, I can hear the motor perfectly. The height is just right to tuck under if I want. Clarity is exceptional.

I tried the stock shield in every position. The lowest worked best, but still was brutal on the interstate. The CalSci windscreen, for me, really extends the usefulness of the Versys for travel. It's a totally different bike, which is a good thing if you lean more toward the touring side in the Sport/Touring equation, as I do. Highly recommend.

(I have owned an Airhead RT and a naked BMW Roadster, so I am providing this review in those contexts as well. I had various screens on the Roadster. None performed as well as the CalSci on the Versys.)

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