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Hey guys and galls

So I want to buy a use V 1k
It's a 2013, with 25k miles
I don't know much about the bike except that it hasn't being dropped, and has new tire all around

The owner has had the bike since july 2018 (around a year), so he doesn't know much about what was done and not ...

So, what should I be looking for if I get the bike inspected ???

I was thinking suspension (leak and scratch on tube), sprocket, chain, brake (disk and pads) ... Those are obvious, but how can I validate things like transmission and engine ???



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To validate the health of the engine & transmission a test ride is highly recommend and the bonus of the test ride is the handling of the bike which will provide you with some feed back if the bike has been dropped or not.

A test ride will provide some of the basic as follow:-

1. Suspension condition.
2. Brake condition.
3. Gear shifting condition.
4. Any exhaust leak / water leak.
5. Faulty instruments.
6. Any fault code.
7. General feel of the bike for you to make the call.

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