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I have been testing and adjusting the rear shock to get a good feel for it. Adjustments make a difference.

I prefer the preload set as light as it goes for a nice soft ride. I need to pick it up a little for more enthuiastic riding. If I put it on the recomended factory setting, its too tall and stiff for my liking. I usually run it at #2 from lowest. This gives me a sag of 38mm. I weigh just under 200 lbs. #1 for highway rides, and #3 for twisty curvy roads. Tomorrow I take my son for a ride, I will probably turn it all the way up to see just how it is with 2 up.

I welded a dollar screwdriver to the premium wrench that came with the bike.

And ground a notch in the end like some one else did here. Wrench says on it 37.5 which I am going to ASSume means radius of the part being turned. The shock has a radius of 31.75, so now we can see why it does not fit.

It fits under the seat where the U lock goes perfectly. This saves me from digging the wrench out of the tool kit.

Next I played with the rebound. I kept driving on one of my favorite roads which is about a 5 mile loop with bumps and curves. I would go around, then open the damper up 2 clicks and go around again. I did this until I had soft as I liked it. It ended up right at 13 clicks. I usually run it at 8 from closed. I only get "double bumps" on the worst of bumps like bridge approaches. two more clicks in (firmer) would probably help there.

Still getting the hang of this new bike.

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