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Seeking asylum from a work week from hell, yesterday me and Alegany decided to head for the Monongahela National Forest to skirt the WV/VA state line. Apparently when the two states decided upon a boundary, both parties adhered to a “never give up the high ground” tactic as the state line runs razorback ridges for miles and miles.

On our way north, Mother Nature decided we both needed a good bath and so dumped a frog strangler thunderstorm on us. 10 miles later the road was dry; 15 miles farther on, another frog strangler. First gravel turns dirt road south down a razorback ridge and ten miles in we came to a locked gate…drat! Reverse course. Second gravel road, this time to the north and a longer loop home. The farther we rode, the harder it rained. Ten miles in and it’s time to reverse course. Third choice, gravel road south over on the next watershed, 15 miles in, another friggin’ locked gate and a third backtrack. Alegany and me rode solid for over 2 hours and never left the original junction! Traced a turkey foot pattern and had a blast.

The video is along one of the just damp gravel sections through beautiful woods. The Refreshments provide a boogie backbeat.

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