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picked up my versys last wednesday. im in love. it's my first street motorcycle and, in my opinion, it's the perfect bike for me.

rode it around wednesday evening, rode it around thursday after work for an hour or so, rode it back and forth to work on friday. i'm extremely comfortable with operating the bike and am enjoying it immensely.

saturday morning i met some friends who ride and we took a 120mi tour through a rural area southwest of atlanta. lots of twisty roads, not many cars, and good friends made for a nice day. i'm completely hooked and amazed by how well i've taken to street riding. i'm not overconfident, but i feel good.

anyway, i need to get some rain gear. it might sound crazy, but i'm very sad that i couldn't ride in today because of the rain. i'd rather be on the versys in the rain than warm and dry in my cage. rain gear is next on my list after a new pair of boots and some better riding pants :D

anyway, i'm a happy versys owner and i look forward to a long relationship with my green machine! long live $10 fillups and all day riding on a half tank of gas!!
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