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It's been two weeks since I picked up my Versys 2012. Lots of things to learn, and I thank this board for helping me through my learning process.

This evening's question is rain cover and winter cover. In my Gold Wing I always carried a rain cover. Do people pack a rain cover in their Versys? If so, which one works best for the Versys 1000?

And for those who put their bike away for the winter, do you cover it? If so, do you use the rain cover? Or something else? (I ask because with my Gold Wing I had very light cover. Useless as a rain cover, but great as a dust cover during winter hibernation).

Thank you!
Don't store your bike over the winter under a cover outdoors if you can avoid it. I did this with a previous bike once, it was enough to learn to never do it again. It will rust as covers trap moisture and blowing snow will get up under the cover. I do use a cover over my bike to store it for the winter in a garage, but only to keep the dust off. If you are forced to store it outdoors under a cover or in a damp location spray the bike down (frame, engine, bolts, chain, brake disks, etc.) with fogging/misting oil first. It will make a mess but you can clean it off in the spring. Bikes do not use the same anti corrosive primers as cars and rust and corrode extremely readily.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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