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Hello Folks,
Sadly mine will have to brave the cold winter outside. I have this crazy idea, LOL, cause not sure what else to do to protect the bike.
Spray the bike down with WD40, bag both wheels with hefty black bags, remove the seat\battery and cover the bike with outdoor XXXL size bike cover. Basically will try to cover every part of the bike.
Will it work?
All suggestions welcome, please.

I had to do the same with my versys 650 when I lived in Dublin, Ireland. Perhaps I was using the bike almost daily for commuting.

I went to a local guy that sprayed it with ACF50 all over. Then every evening I used an Oxford Aquatex cover (xl + topbox, maybe a little big for the versys, I onwed it already for the previous bike).

I had to tie down the bike with many straps to avoid wind issues, and in that way it survived the usual Irish winter storms with 90 km/h wind guts.

I was able to tie it and untie it in 5-10 mins :D

I agree that if you don't use it, the bike will get wet in the inside.

If you google around perhaps there are bike sheds made like tents and tools to remove moisture from them. They are expensive but they can be an option for you.


1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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