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I previously owned a Versys 650 and adapted to, and used, a race stand to perform maintenance and rear wheel removal utilizing the oem threaded spool mounting spots on the 650. (unable to mount or use a centerstand)

I now own a Versys-X 300 and would like to be able to continue to use a race stand, or spool hooks, for maintenance on this new bike. I know I could mount a factory centerstand on this bike, but I rather keep the weight down and the ground clearance as high as possible. And there are no threaded holes for mounting racestand spools on this bike.
I know you can purchase trackstands for use without lifting spools, that utilize rubber pads to connect with the swingarm, but these are very prone to slippage. (Previous experience with my KLR650 and China Bike)
I’d appreciate ALL creative ideas or suggestions.
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