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Hey all,

I'm another lurker who decided to pull the trigger after all. Man, it took a long time for this bike to make it to our Golden shores. In the meanwhile I owned a BMW F800S... great bike, no doubt, but I'm excited about this little green monster!

Good times for cheap and clean liv'n. I'm looking forward to revving this thing to the moon when I can; it looks like that's it's bread n butter.

My SW-Motech racks from twistedthrottle are on their way to join my slightly dinged but otherwise eager-to-go cases. This is my only vehicle and I need to hit the grocery store soon so it's a necessity!! Nothing motivates like the need for some good mozzarella and balsamic.

Cheers to all of us new guys and all you veterans of this goofy, great bike. I'm looking forward to having some crazy good times, sharing them here, and hearing all about yours, too.

Let's realize that centerstand!

Have fun and be safe.

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