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Due to a cold, wet spring it had been a while since Spkldoe had been out and about; but yesterday on a bike with a new set of shoes, she was
. :)

We made a nice SE WV, western VA loop mostly on roads (sans dirt and gravel) better suited for the forthcoming Super Tenere than for 2-up on an FJR. The BRP has nothing on the pure aesthetics of our route. I was either heavy on the throttle for her liking or Granny was a little out of practice with the camera, so it is hand-held herky jerky raw and short of what I hoped for, but it is real.

You will see new reptilian life in the making, hear the birds singing on Knobb Mountain, and almost smell the Mountain Laurel blooming on Limestone Hill not to mention imagining the emanations from the Paint Bank buffalos. A spirited run up the near motorcycle race course that is Potts Mountain and a brief look-see at the Paint Bank trout hatchery will soon follow.

We had a blast, spent some quality decompression time together while anxiously making plans for the pending arrival of the S10! as we languished over a picnic lunch in the shade at the fish hatchery.

Smelling the winds of home as we scooted along the Midland Trail, I realized that there are some things about the FJR I will definitely miss and others I will not. Highly flexible creativity in what constitutes a 3rd gear passing zone will be sorely missed, but lack of ground clearance will certainly not.

Hope you enjoy tagging along.
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