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Hey all,

I have an 07 Versys and just installed a Power Commander 3. Before I put everything back on, I wanted to make sure it powered up; when I turn the key to the on position, there’s no power going to the PC3 (the unit works when connected to a computer with a 9V battery). The dash lights up, and I checked to make sure that the wires from the injectors (the thicker white and red ones) goes to the red wires of the PC3, and that’s all good. The ground is good. When I jump the left PC3 connector (red wire) to the +12V of the battery, the unit comes on, so I know it’s not the wiring of the unit. The bike ran perfectly before this (my wife asks me why if it’s working do I feel the need to tinker!) so I’m sure there’s no issue with the wiring of he bike either.

Now, as I mentioned, there are a few things not plugged in because the air box is still out (no IAT) and the tank and fuel pump are sitting on my workbench. From what I saw in the service manual, the power goes through the fuel pump relay. Would that explain why I’m not getting any power to the injectors (and subsequently the PC3)? I’m not at home right now and honestly I can’t recall if the FI light came on or not.

Thanks in advance for any help. Riding season here is just around the corner as Mother Nature seems to be toying with us (-5Cto -10C in mid-April?) so I’m hoping that I can get this resolved ASAP.

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Here is all the PC info for Install and Maps etc for you bike:
Power Commander Motorcycle Fuel Injection Tuning Module

Reading the install manual there are only 4 connections
2x connection to the Left and Right injector (make sure the PC3 plug with orange wire is on Left injector)
1x wire tap to the TPS
1x earth wire

Sounds like you have it all connected fine.
Power to PC3 comes from the Positive power wires of the Injectors.
Use a multimeter to see if you get 12V+ on the injector wire when ignition is ON. (Earth to chassis not injector negative wire)
Probably the tank needs to still be connected for power to be sent to injectors.

When I installed my PC5 I did remove the tank - but when testing, the tank was plugged back to the bike (fuel line and pump power connector) Tank was resting across the bike propped up with a garbage bin. I did not have the air box on bike. You can run bike with out airbox to test etc. but unscrew temp sensor from airbox and plug it into bike.

See how you go.
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