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Hi everybody. I'm looking to buy a new bike and I think a Versys might be the one for me.

I'm looking for a bike that can be a 2-up commuter in the city, as well as a 2-up tourer with my riding likely to be maybe 85% paved roads/15% dirt. It has to be able to take panniers and a top case, be comfortable for a rider with pillion, and have a decent range. But most importantly, it has to be easy on my bad back:

I have a compressed disc in my spine that bothers me when I place too much strain on it. I can ride my big motorcycle (1300cc naked Honda) all day long with no back pain at all, but when I tried riding a small scooter (250cc), it killed my back -- probably because of the bolt-upright riding position, weak suspension (I'm 105kg/231lbs), and light vehicle weight (so bumps and vibrations shake the seat) :(

Is a Versys pretty comfortable for your back? And is it a good DP 2-up tourer? What about with the low gel seat (I'm 5'8") -- is that any less comfortable?

Thanks for any advice you can give.
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