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When in doubt ask in general comments,or in Member Introductions if you are new, preferably , wait and use the tools provided here, when you get your answer, if it has been asked before, click edit, delete contents of message , then type Mod Delete this thread, click save.

If the post is within a existing thread, and the above applies, just "Edit" and delete. This way other Newbie's and us old farts don't need to spend hours wading through pages and pages of posts to find some valuable info.

User CP , allows you many options, changing how you view the forum, how you receive PM or email etc.

Quick Links --No explanation needed

Classifieds -- No explanation needed

Advanced Search --This is key for all members to keep the forum a excellent source of information, past and present.

, if you are looking for "led signal light conversions" put in led click search, nothing else, every thread with that word will turn up, look for a thread with a large number of posts--yes you found the thread

Search by User Name

If you know the name of the poster, unless you know the exact wording, enter the user name only, pay attention, below this option is Threads as a default, the information you are looking for may be in a thread started by a different person. better to change from Threads to POSTS

Again hit search, if you find pages of posts and you know the info is in Technical forum and you would rather refine the post search, then use:

Search in Forum(s)

The remaining 3 in Tools is self explanatory

If we work together we can all make this a even better site, trust me I have spent hours searching for my own posts

Hoping to make this like Ebay sellers ; spark plugs wire ignition motorcycle NGK 4012941 fake part no matter what you are looking for you get this guys auction:wink2: In reality, if it is led headlight, that is what you will get, if it is to do with led in general you will get that.

Someone has suggestions: please post in general comments, and don't be offended if once it is answered that we delete the chatter within the thread and the complete thread.Before that deletion is done, a message will be posted of the intention to delete. Something like leaving a note on a piece of paper, you don't have notes from 1950 or last month hanging around, although some notes may be comical!
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