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I'm trying to work with Woodcraft to see if the Ninja 650 frame sliders can be mounted on the Versys as well or they will create one. They need some pic's of the frame without the plastic installed to compare to the Ninja 650 sliders they already make.

Anyone have some naked close-up pic's of your engine area without the body panels or radiator cowl installed. Need both sides.

Also see below from Eric Wood @ Woodcraft:

OK. These are the pieces of data I need:
1) Length of the bolts on both sides (both the head and the threads).
2) The depth and diameter of any pockets that the bolts sit inside.
3) A proposed overall length. Please note, you want the shortest
possible slider that will do the job. The longer they are, the more
likely they are to bend, break and not do the job.

Photos are always good as well.


Eric Wood
Woodcraft Technologies, Inc
105 Baldwinville Rd
Winchendon, MA 01475
Fax 978-297-2922
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