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just on the subject i had a real twart of a puncture last year 15mm glass ,,the tpms went off and when i looked it was 31 by the time i puller in it was 15 so that was worth twenty five quid for sure
at the side of the road i had to stuff it with all five worms and it still was coming out slow ..i do carry a holts tyre weld and for good measure stuck that in too ..punped it up to 40 and the white stuff was still pissing out ..so i jumped on and had ten miles to the digs by which time it was down to 25 ...knowing what was being lost from the display really helped with the ride ... i got to the pub and it was still fizzing a bit but was knackered and ordered a lager and said feck it ill sort it out in the morning ...i left the puncture face to the floor and the next day the holts white shite had indeed managed to stop the leak ..s o i blew it to 40 thinking it may lose and set off 110 miles with two tyre shops in the sat nav ..it would of course be a sunday ..point being i could keep a eye on the pressure all the way and having lost nothing after 40 miles decided id take the motorway for twenty to shorten the journey ...it was really good to have that moniter as it took all the guessing out of it ...got home ok ..they tyre was scrap though
that tyre weld stuff is ok for emergency stuff when its dark ..hard shoulders of the motorways and stuff it does work on small punctures ..the trick with at stuff is to leave the nail in until you have got the stuff in and inflated the tyre ..since that puncture i revised mey worm kit to one that has three different widths as that large puncture was dodgy with 5 in there ...the holts stuff deffo helped me out that day and on balence is worth carrying as a backup to worms or flaky compressor if you have the room ..i do me own tyres and its a myth the white crap damages the rims it washes off easy with a hose and paintbrush in thirty seconds so it not too bad unless maby u leave it for weeks ?
Some good info here...
1) Be prepared!
2) don't be limited to one fix
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts