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Poll: How Do You Feel About Loud Pipes?

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'Loud pipes save lives' and 'the louder it is the faster it is' are all phrases you’ve probably heard before, but for a lot of people – particularly the non-riding public – loud exhausts prove to be obnoxious. Which camp do you find yourself in?
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I prefer something between factory exhaust and straight pipes. Right in the middle.

Maybe a nice set of Vance & Hines, with the "quiet baffles". Certainly not quiet.

Our Versys has the bone stock exhaust.
Loud pipes like lifted trucks that never see dirt just scream tiny penis.

Do you never have any FUN ?

What do we do on the electric bikes ?


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I live on a very rural section of old Route 66 and we get substantial motorcycle traffic, and much of that is groups of bikes.

Music, I tell you.

1 - 4 of 73 Posts
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