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Picked her up today

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2015, with just under 8K miles. Corbin seat, heated. Doubt I will use that option though. Lowered, and looks like it has bar risers. New Michelin Road 5's at 7K miles. Took the top and side cases off for transport. It was 27 degrees, so the test ride was fun, lol, but she runs out nice, shifts well. Did have a bit of brake pulsing on initial braking, so I think I'll start by cleaning/freeing the bobbins.
Overall, I'm super happy with how comfortable she is
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and can't wait for warmer weather.
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Nice bike! Welcome. Like the others said, super cool color.

Since I'm such a bike noob, I'm always terrified to transport it via trailer because I don't want it to tip over. How did you get it to stay upright on the trailer no with chocks or kick stand?
If the trailer you use has side rails and not completely flat, wedge the front wheel tightly into a corner then strap it down. That will keep the front wheel from twisting which can happen if you just nose it in to nothing, with the shocks bouncing going down the road it will twist, don't compress the shocks too far down to where going down the road they will bottom out. The bike still need to absorb the bouncing of the trailer
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