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Hello, guys.

See photos from my ride last Saturday at Pontal de Itamaracá.

Itamaracá is a island very near to Recife.
After the bridge used to get there, we have a curvy road (28 curves in 5.5km).
To arrive in the Pontal, we get 12km of roads without pavement and the last km has sand.
I used to ride on sand with a Yamaha XT660R, and I can not say that it was easy to me.
I was afraid to ride the V in this condition, so I decided to go slowly.
I had no problem with sand until the sand gets higher than 10cm.
From 10cm to 20cm, it starts to slide the front wheel.
After 20cm of sand, driving to slow, my rear wheel sank in the sand. To get free, I just get off of the bike and rode it from the side.

I was using to much air in the tires (32psi, front, and 39, rear).
I have a friend that uses 18psi on a V-Strom to ride on sand.

Anybody ride the V on sand?

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