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I picked up a couple of books from the library the other day and have been really impressed with Pat Hahn's “Ride Hard Ride Smart".

He talks a lot about risk, safety, and managing these things. There are about 25 pages dedicated to the Hurt report which provides good info from data from that report with suggestions of how to minimize (sorry for the pun) hurt. Nothing new for a safety conscious, experienced rider, but great to be reminded and fantastic info for newer riders and those who don't believe in safety gear. He breaks things down nicely such as discussing jumping out of the bed of a moving pickup at various speeds and the kind of gear you might like to be wearing.

He talks a lot about the responsibility we, as motorcyclists, have and the skills needed to reduce crashes, and therefore injury to ourselves and passengers.

I've only made it through the first 3 of 13 chapters and I can't wait to get to the rest.

I need to go practice my parking lot skills...i.e. emergency braking and swerving, and slow speed skills.


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Parking lot and slow speed skills are very important.
Think about it, we always see motorbikes for sale with"low speed or driveway damage"

Whether controlling while riding or while pushing or moving, just about everyone seems to "drop one" some time or another.

Just riding slowly around an empty parking lot on a Sunday will help.
Put up some cones, kick some rocks out there, use the light poles, get creative.

Slow speed turning, circles, figure eights.....do short bursts of speed, then hard brake.
Do "quick turns", try hard brake without skid.
Do a rear skid to learn where it happens, and how to steer through it.

If doing this on you motorbike, start practicing on a mountain bike, then switch to the motorbike after several sessions.

Dress the part, helmet, jacket, the right gloves, knee pads, goggles, etc.

Then when you get good, read more in these books and learn they recommend.

Ride safe all of you.....always!
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