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Post: Lost is compared to the great shows in television history
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Posted by: jamesjackson
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I have to enter House MD DVD
this by saying that House is one of my favorite programs. But last season was almost unwatchable at times. During The Office DVD the first 3 seasons, we learn that the House could be a jerk, but we felt that, underneath it all I cared about their patients The Simpsons DVD(and their relationship with Wilson) and his less admirable behavior was more baggage from the past and not from the malice inherent nastyness. His overall game play, benefited from their patients or Grey's Anatomy DVD equipment required to recognize something of themselves. He forgave his behavior and that the net result is always positive. (And because he was always right, ultimately.)In season 4, however, the House plays MI5 DVD just for fun to see the negative reaction. Worse, it shows he was wrong in his diagnosis. Is on the line. I guess we're supposed to believe that sinks to a point where they will be forced to choose between their relationship with patients and friends vs. neurotic all that fun to negative behavior. Lost DVD But you can not change the nature of a character just to meet the needs of its drama.He really reached the point of choosing the final episode of the season, and this is the best episode this year, but the set-up, this is not worth it.
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