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So I had to go to the US for a couple of days of work. Instead of having my contracts fly me out as usual, my friend and I decided it was an opportunity to get a last good ride in for the season.

Unfortunately, we were late starting as I had to drive a bike out for another friend to take his balance test. We travelled from NS and headed west. Because of the late start we stopped in Saint John NB. The ride was clear and beautifully sunny. If it weren't for a couple of gusts of winds the nearly blew me into the other lane you couldn't complain.

We got off to an early start the next morning and made our way through NB to the border crossing at Calais. We breezed through there and took the 9 through Maine to Springfield MA. The 9 is one of my favourite routes to travel through the US. You can travel at a decent speed but there is still enough interesting road to make it fun. The third picture below is a picture of the Versys and my friend's GS1150 outside a cafe in Bangor ME.

We rode from MA up to Portland ME via the 95. I know, it is straight highway but this is a business trip and we did have a timetable - still beats flying! The second picture below is a shot of my Versys and my friend's GS1150 outside our tour bus in Portland. After a couple of days in Portland I headed south towards New Jersey. I decided to break up the ride with a stop in Rhode Island. I had posted a question in the forum here looking for bike shops along the route. I discovered in the morning before I left for NJ that Twisted Throttle was 20 mins down the road. The first shot below is of the Versys outside the Twisted Throttle shop.

I played around the Hwy 1 for a while then made up some time on the 95. There is some very nice riding in and around RI if you have the time. I took some time (as I got lost trying to find the Twisted Throttle shop) on some of the back roads. Some nice turns and a good deal of tree cover over the roads.

I came across the Tappan Zee bridge into NJ and the view north of Manhattan in the Hudson valley was an unexpected pleasant surprise.

I'm heading into PA Friday and will continue the return journey from there. More details and Versys photos to follow.


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