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or is it PSS. No, I think it is PPS (for Post PostScript).

Bike review - just a few of my thoughts on the Versys 650

It's a fantastic idea for a bike
  • Touring but not too sporty or Adv
  • big enough without being a whale
  • goes fast enough for me

But it is ugly - like it's designed by chooks scratching in the dirt

Kawasaki OEM luggage works well

Raising the front of the seat was a lifesaver and the 3D mesh seat cover is a winner (I've had one on the KLR for about 60k km)

  • good on the smooth roads
  • kicks when the road is rough, which needs to be fixed

Windscreen is very individual - height, seating position and most importantly, helmet (my peak catches the turbulence)

Throttle response on/off is still a bit abrupt, especially noticeable doing slow car park stuff, and I have to be careful of the engine braking at medium speeds - I've ridden a couple of other fuel injected bikes and they were much smoother, and my KLR is just so smooth.

A slightly longer gear lever would be nice.

Instruments easy & clear, but the fuel gauge is quite conservative/cautious and the indicator lights could be bigger.

Anyway, thanks for joining in :cool:(y)🏍
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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