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Yesterday afternoon, I was putting some JB Weld plastic repair on the inside of the front plastic where my driving light mount bolt and spacer go. I noticed there was an issue when I removed it to redo my GPS wiring. The hole was cracked and missing some chips.

After letting it dry, last night, I loosely fit all the panel bolts, then made sure I tightened the repaired one very carefully. I also adjusted my MadStad bracket per the instructions--just tight enough.

I ended up finding out two issues during a 100mi shakeout ride last night

1> Just tight enough results in the windshield coming back at the driver at about 75mph. My radar box caught it. I stopped and tightened it up a lot more.

2> Came to me this morning while I was getting up: I had never tightened the remaining panel screws. Fortunately, they were all still there.

Note to self. Don't make any changes before taking a really long ride.
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