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Had a couple nice sunny midwinter days here in Seattle. Took advantage and got some commute time on my 08 red V.

First, felt great to be back out on the bike. I am not outfitted for winter bike expeditions, so it was a bit brisk. But very nice to be on it (especially since I have yet to get my snowmobiles up the mountains due to time constraints).

Love that I get to defeat the Seattle parking gestapo and sneak in a little free parking. That never gets old. I lament that the upcoming bridge tolls don't seem to cut us a break on motorcycle pricing. For the same toll money, I can drive my bigfoot car crusher truck and keep Saudi Arabian princes in hookers and hash.

I'm only about a 3k lifetime rider, but I am happy that within a few shifts out of my driveway, I feel like I have the clutch, braking, and general handling under control. This confidence, of course, will lead to my first drop.

Incidentally, these were my first real commutes on I-90 and I-5 since breaking in my Metzler Interact tires. They track beautifully on the nasty grooves you've all read about on those Interstates. I spent a while quietly breaking in these tires on backroads, taking off the molding compound and chicken strips. While I'm no expert, after the break-in, these feel great.

Cheers to you all, and bring on the springtime temps and sunshine.
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