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Hi all, my names Steve from Australia.

I just picked up this cosmetic damaged 2012 VERSYS1000.

It was a purchase of opportunity as I was actually looking for a Z1000SX to modify to my intended purpose, not being an off road bike rider prior it was my intention to fit the Versys suspension to the Z1000SX to improve the suspension travel. Like a lot of people not in the know of this genre of bike I just assumed the Versys was a dual sport bike, wrong apparently..lol

But its no problem, the basics are there, I'll just use the base configuration of the bike and modify it to suit my intended use. So now the fun begins in transforming it so it can be used as a genuine off/soft roader. Dirt roads and tracks in the bush fitted with my MotoFoil Sidecar is the use I want it for (for now). The base ingredients and components can be modified and fettled in to being what I want it to be.

I've already started stripping it of excess weight and playing with parts to see how they can work together, its quite exciting for me to re-develop this bike as its something I'll use as a test bike for a latter bigger project. Being a Kawasaki man I'm hoping the Versys will be just the ticket for the future, time will tell..lol


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