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New Versys 300 for the wife, let the mods begin...

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Hello everyone. This weekend I traded in my old 2009 Versys 650 towards a mothers day present for my wife. Lots of farkles are currently enroute to our home. LOL Of course my wife being all of 4'11" tall Ill have to lower it a touch. There doesn't seem to be a lot of foam to work with in the seat for reducing the seat height though. I removed the SWMotect plate and givi topcase to put on her bike. I have lowering links from T-rex coming as well as their adjustable side stand. Im not big on lowering bikes but not much of a choice when you're a shorty. Shes had several bike previously, I built her a nice SV650S with GSXR suspension parts that she loved but we sold it when we moved.
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Nice bike. Good luck with the farkles.
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