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Re: lowering links/dog bones ... If you're tippy-toeing, use them! Even when you have over 50 years riding experience and are pretty confident with your riding skills, there are few better feelings than being confident that your feet will make good solid contact with the ground when you have to stop.

For someone like me who is challenged in the leg length department, trying to lowball on price is just false economy when you start with the fact that bikes are toys in most parts of the northern hemisphere. And lowering links are not farkles. They are a safety measure.

It makes me nuts when I see folks talking about putting a bash plate and crash bars on a bike that will probably spend 90% of its life on the pavement and then wondering how to save a couple of bucks on something like lowering links that will be used many times every single time the bike gets ridden. Indeed, will be even more useful when on uneven terrain.

For reference, I do not have a bash plate or crash bars on my 2017. I have never had any reason to question that decision.

@amad1972 show your wife how much you care about her by putting lowering links on the bike for her. As I said above, there are few things you can do to the bike that allow you to instantly feel more confident and in control. If you aren't a machinist who likes making different dogbones just for the fun, do her a favor and get adjustable ones so you have more choices in tire sizes when it comes time to replace them. These are the ones I have:

And don't worry about the lost ride height. Unless she is seriously into leaping over logs and large boulders, the minor loss in ground clearance is not an issue. I speak from experience. In 60,000km on mine, the only small difference I've noticed is that I can scrape the footpegs a little easier in the tight twisties. 😎
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