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After 6 hours of cursing and 2 more hours ripping my hair off, I was able to fit for the very first a top case, the shad s49 with its own plate and mounting, plus the brake lights (not connected still) and the passenger back rest. It sits high, but I guess maybe not as high as the givi. I notice that due to the way the seat lock into its position if the top case plate is not a bit far apart and up its a p.i.a. to latch close. trunk is great quality too.
Two real advantages of the shad: cheaper than givi but equally rugged, allows you to keep the passenger´s hand grabs opposite to other brands. The only disadvantage: only will fit shad cases. But who cares anyway?

Would like to ask: the add on brake lights for the top case have a red and a black current pass through, but the end terminals do not match anything on the bike. Anyone connected a top case brake light yet? how to do it or where to connect to?

will post pic soon
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