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Found this on kneeslider....

Press release follows:

Öhlins USA is thrilled to now offer the heralded Öhlins high performance at an unheard of low price, with its new line of Öhlins Lite Shocks. These units are designed to fulfill the suspension needs of street riders caught between concerns of performance and price.

Designed and manufactured with the same materials, tolerances and high-performance parameters of all Öhlins suspension components, each Öhlins Lite Shock comes with a handy rebound adjustment wheel at the shock’s bottom, and the classic two-wrench preload adjusting system. Slim and trim, without a piggyback or remote reservoir as required for high-end or racetrack applications, the Öhlins Lite Shock provides exclusive Öhlins performance for just $617.00 MSRP. As a cost savings, the Lite shocks are without Öhlins trendsetting, knob-style, hydraulic preload adjuster.

Fitments for the Öhlins Lite Shocks include motorcycle models from seven manufacturers: BMW F650GS, F800GS/R/ST, R1100GS, R1150GS, R1200GS/Short/Adventure, R1150R, R1150RS, and R1200RT; the full range of Ducati Monster from 600 to 1000/S4; Honda VRF800FI; Kawasaki ER6/ER6 Low, Versys, Z750, Z1000; Suzuki DL650 V-Strom, DL1000 V-Strom, GSF 1200/1250 Bandit, SFV650 Gladius, SV650; Triumph Tiger 1050; Yamaha FZ1, FZ8.

To order an Öhlins Lite Shock, or for more information, please contact Öhlins USA or your local Öhlins certified dealer or service center.
I didn't see this on Öhlins USA website yet though.

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Looks like that may be a cost effective way to go when my rear shock needs replacing, as I think the stock one is even more expensive. Have to see what they sell for as I really don't like paying MSRP for bike parts...

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I really don't like paying MSRP for bike parts...
I hear that, but it's relative. I would not pay MSRP for an 09 Versys. MSRP was $7099, mine was $4849. However, MSRP for a BMW F800R is $9950 yet retail is closer to $12000.

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I hear that, but it's relative. I would not pay MSRP for an 09 Versys. MSRP was $7099, mine was $4849. However, MSRP for a BMW F800R is $9950 yet retail is closer to $12000.
You do know what MSRP is right? Manufacture's Suggested Retail Price.

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You do know what MSRP is right? Manufacture's Suggested Retail Price.
Yeap, I do. That's the price at which the manufacturer suggests it is sold so that the OEM, the distributor (if there is one depending on the type of item), and the retailer ALL make a tidy profit. It is a price point well above the "costed" price of the item. Practically nothing in the automotive/motorcycle world sells for MSRP. As for the few things that do, I wouldn't want to....much like the poster I was replying to. I don't mind paying for something I want and giving those that bother with making it, carrying it, stocking it, and etc. a profit. I DO mind paying them a gross profit.

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Rear shock reply from Hyperpro:

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Yes, we can supply you with a new rear shock for the Kawasaki Versys, built
to your specs. Please see detailed quote below.

The Hyperpro product is available to you.
The available features are rebound damping, high and low speed
compression damping, ride height or length adjuster and remote pre-load
The shocks come as either emulsion shock, with remote reservoir or
fixed or articulated piggy back reservoir.
The shock is called the " 3 D " model.

Please check our web site for more details, models and other
available products at www.epmperf.com

The Hyperpro shock has some advantages over other products
on the marketplace today.

--- It has a 16 mm shaft which is not only sturdier, but also displaces
more oil in the compression stroke so that you can regulate the compression
and rebound damping better.

--- The shocks have a new seal design which has been proven in tough
Moto-cross competition use and showed that it is far better than others when

it comes to leakers.

--- The Hyperpro " 3 D " shock utilizes the "Bladder" technology when it
comes to separate the oil from nitrogen gas. Other manufacturers utilize a
floating piston. A floating piston always has to overcome stiction first
before it begins to move. A rubber bladder does not "know" what friction or
stiction is and therefore reacts smoother and quicker to pressure changes.

--- The Hyperpro shocks come with a progressive spring to ensure a compliant

ride and to prevent bottoming out under load.

The shocks are all black with a purple spring.
A black spring is an alternative.

Hyperpro progressive fork springs - true progressive = rising rate
with the appropriate oil @ $ 139.00

Rear shock: Model 460 = $ 589.00
with adjustable rebound damping

Rear shock: Model 467 = $ 969.00
with adjustable rebound damping, with piggy back reservoir
and high/low speed compression damping.

LA = length adjustment for +/- 1/2 seat height changes = $ 89.00
HPA = Hydraulic Pre-Load adjuster (remote) = $ 269.00

The shocks are fully rebuildable. Rebuild intervals are recommended between
35,000 - 50,000 km depending upon use.
The picture of the 467 model shock is a generic picture, depicting the
reservoir and adjustments.
Warranty - 5 years

Delivery time : 3-4 weeks

S&H to Malaysia by Priority Mail with the postal service = $ 70.00

We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as PayPal to [email protected]

Thank you for the support of our business, we are looking forward serving


Klaus Huenecke
EPM Performance Imports
Email: [email protected]
Phone/ Fax: 732-786-9777

Also found equivalent YSS rear shock MZ 506 TR About $ 499.00.
It has adjustable rebound damping and threaded pre-load.
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