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I got my versys 3 weeks ago. I was on the kawasaki's web site last fall, looking at the possibility to get a KLR since the four of us booked a off-road safari to Kenya for february 2008. That's when I saw the bike the first time. I immedeately fell in love with the design since I wanted a comuter and light touring bike. The dealer in town did not even have any in stock or any literature. Des Plains kawasaski did have one and that's were I got the bike.
I am driving on variuos race tracks in the midwest (road america, gingerman, grattan, putnampark and the autobahn country club in joliet) but that is as an instructor for the BMW and Audi club's in my 95 M3. I will try to get on one of these tracks with the bike soon.
By the way, the kenya safari was an unbelievable experience and I can only recomend it.
Eri Reutimann
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