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I have been lurking since I first saw the 15 Versys LT. This concept is almost what I'm looking for.
Upright riding position
Good looking luggage that is not huge.
Not super heavy
Good MPG with good size fuel tank.
Good quality suspension with the abilty to make it better.
Great Price
I sat on this a few weeks ago and them hopped on a FJ.
Initial guts tells me the FJ had better ERGO's for me, but I need to go back and sit on them again.
I'll try to rent both of them later this year.
A days worth rental cost will be worth the $$$ to help determine which fits me best.

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Get the latest issue (April 2015) of MOTORCYCLIST - they have a half-page on EACH bike (the FJ and the V1000), and they have a two-pager on the '15 V650 LT, calling it..."Quietly Magnificent"... then ending the test w/..."It is arguably the best $8,700 motorcycle on the road."


Along w/ their "MOTY" award when the '08 V arrived in the US.... I think they like the Versys!

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