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Hi all!

I'm a new rider on the West side of Detroit that just purchased a new Kawasaki Versys. I've been checking out this site for the past few weeks as part of my research on what bike I wanted to get. In the end my choice was narrowed down to the Versys and a V-Strom 650, and based on the shining reviews and comparisons on this site (among others), and the fact that none of the Suzuki dealers could get a V-Strom for me to even be able sit on, I chose the Versys.

I have to say the decision was made much easier by how simple it was for me to locate a bike and obtain financing with Kawasaki. The folks at Olson Powersports (7 Mile & Grand River) were awesome to deal with. I look forward to buying my second bike there eventually (the Versys will inevitably be passed on to my girlfriend).

I took delivery of my Versys Monday evening and quickly got the bad stuff out of the way - first accident and first time being pulled over by a cop on it. The accident was actually my girlfriend dropping it in our parking lot (she has her CY endorsement, but apparently the Versys is a bit too tall for her). That broke the front LH turn signal and scraped up the fairing, bar end, and mirror. I was pulled over by 2 cops about 10 minutes later during my post accident shake down ride around our apartment complex (all at less than 20 mph). Apparently someone called the police complaining that there were some hooligans crashing motorcycles in the parking lot. Oh well.

In the time since then, I've replaced the broken turn signal, ridden the bike to work, and ridden Grand Rapids (MI) and back. At this rate, I should be in for the 500 mile check up next Monday:D This bike is awesome!
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