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Ive been riding on and off for about 10 years now. Mostly cruisers (I was afraid of what I might do if I got something I could get the front wheel off the ground on). I feel like I MIGHT have finally matured enough so I went out a couple of weekends ago and bought a "Supergreen" 2009 Versys.

So far I am in love. Really fun on the twisty roads here on the Northern California/Southern Oregon coastline. I've put almost 500 miles on it since I picked it up on the 4th of July weekend. It's my daily commuter and attitude adjustment tool.

Only complaint I have is that there's an annoying rattle/buzz from the front fairing at about 4K RPM. It's really loud from the riding position with my helmet on. Not sure if it's a normal sound or not as I have yet to see anyone else on a Versys in my area.

Having a blast none the less so far!

OK, I'm going to do some searching now - found the forum looking for something to keep my hands from getting so cold on the morning ride in - it's usually foggy and in the low 50's and my hands get pretty cold at highway speeds. I see that some of you have added hand guards... Very sweet!
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Welcome on board!

Handguards are great when it's chilly, they also keep that stray stone from making you shake your hand and cuss. I put some KTM's on and like them a lot. No bling, but inexpensive and fit like they were made for the bike.('09 green here, too)

Where are you in Oregon? Spent some time in Portland a while back, nice place, but kind of wet.

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