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A few months ago I posted about the Tourmaster Aggressor Boots I got. They have worked well for me but I see now they are closed out most places.

BUT I ended up with a pair of Sidi Adventure Gortex boots as well. These things are the beast. I fell I could kick a wall down with them but they are stiff and the upper is so large I have to wear my riding pants as jeans just will not roll down over them. But the latches are easier to use and the velcro closure at the top in larger than the Aggressor ones are. BUT at $550.00 a pair for the Sidi ver $149.00 for the Tourmaster I'd think there better be some differences.

So I've gone from rags to riches in 4 months footwear wise.

I do find I wear the Tourmasters the most as they fit the bill of commuter boot best of what I have.
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