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Greetings! Finally found a good deal last weekend on a slightly used (130KM) 08 Red Vee. Tough to find in these parts, dealers wanted big dollars (9500) for the leftover 09's, I made several offers but they wouldn't budge.
Mine has a few scratches , owner was not a trained rider, dropped it on one side, but it doesnt look too bad, and I guess I can replace the plastic if it bothers me long term.
Went for a nice long ride yesterday evening, wow was that fun. I am 52, been riding for about 8 years, previous bikes were Triumph Bonneville America crusier, Honda VTR 1000, Yamaha FZ1, and Suzy GS 500 E. This bike is all the fun of the VTR with no neck or wrist pain! Tough to keep it under 4000 rpm for break in! Ooops.
Bike is bone stock, I think I'll get a Givi topcase, perhaps some mirror extenders, but thats about it. I'll put some miles on it before changing anything. great bike!:):):)
Thanks to this forum I was able to make an informed buying decision.



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