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This past weekend I went turkey hunting north of Williamsport, Pa so I thought I would take advantage of all the state forest roads in that area and spend all day Sunday riding them on my motorcycle. Here is a Map of the Loop that gave me the trouble. The road was closed from B to C and from D to E. Getting from B to C was no problem, there was just a section where half the road was washed out and there was an open trench that went all the way down to the bottom of the valley (200 ft).

The problem was from D to E. The road was closed because of a downed tree and some sections that were also washed out which can be seen in the video. If you watch the video you can see I get right around these obstacles. The real problem was when I came to the barricade that DCNR put across the road to block access. Here are some pictures (hit the arrows to see more pics).

The video explains it further…

No Video


Side Note: The road was closed so no one was traveling it. No cell phone reception, no food, no water, no tent, no sleeping bag, 6 miles to the first house and it was around 6:30 that I finally got out, so in that valley it would have been dark soon. That is why I am so excited that my plan actually worked and I ended up back on the road and not pinned under my bike. The only thing I had thought of ahead of time was telling my girlfriend my plan and what roads I was riding.

…As soon as I got on the main road, I got pulled over for what the officer thought was an expired inspection sticker. Somehow he spotted the inspection sticker while I was riding by but didn't notice my expired registration sticker that was right in front of him when he had me pulled over. Not sure if I could have gotten in trouble for having my shotgun and ammo on the bike.

Good times
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