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We've talked about this over and over yet it's mid August and no ride... It's time to stop procrastinating and get this ride going.

Here is my proposal:

Meet in Randle, WA for lunch at noon on Sunday, Aug 17th, at the Adams-St. Helens Family Restaurant.

After the lunch we can ride up FR-25 to Windy Ridge (at least as far as they allow you to go post land slide) and if you SEA-TAC folk are up for it, you can ride back south with me to Cougar and come back again (or loop to Woodland and up I-5 for a faster return), or you can go back north at the junction of FR-99 and FR-25 (same way we got there). It's probably only 25 miles from Randle to where FR-99 is closed, so there would definitely be more time for riding after Windy Ridge.

Be there. Or be elsewhere. ;)

See you guys on Sunday.

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