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I picked up some Motowerks Highway Pegs 2nd hand to help relieve cramping in the thighs.

I have read all the comments about them not fitting if you have SW-Motech crash bars fitted.
But there was one comment that said Mount the main bracket upside down!
Well Yes and No... I'll go over this later.

Here are pics of them mounted upside down:

As you can see from the pic, the LHS need to be fitted upside down and the peg in the lower hole. The RHS is fitted normally and the peg is in the upper hole. This allows the pegs to be is very similar position poking through the crash bars.

So Why is this the only way to mount them?
Well there is a middle mounting cross plate that comes from the crash bars and attaches to the front engine mount. This interferes with the long arm of the mounts. On the RHS it is fitted behind the cross plate and is a tight fit with ~2-3 mm clearance. On the LHS the same clearance but the arm fits nicely in front of the cross mount and behind the front lower radiator plastic.

So one position only, and a crap one at that!
I'm 6'4" (195cm) and in this position my legs were raised too high with my knees above the tank!

I took a moment, had a few beers and pondered over the situation... then a light went off in my head!

Fit the Highway mounts to the crash Bars!
But the brackets don't fit the thinner tubing of the Crash Bars!

Problem solved... PVC Tubing as a spacer and protector!

Peg position is further forward and lower than before and a lot more comfortable to ride.
Pegs are the same position both sides.
There is a tiny bit of flex from the PVC tubing, you are not standing on them or putting any real weight on them so they are fine.
They held up nicely on a recent long trip.


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I'm only 6'-1" so I can rest my feet on my pegs with only a slight bend in my knees (which my battered knees prefer). I think mounting the brackets on the bjke frame is cleaner looking & keeps them out of the way.


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