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I did a few searches but didn't see anything here
about these. Most kits come with a tank protector
and two side panels that allow gripping the sides
of the tank with your knees.

The Tank Grip Concept:
Body and weight control is an essential technique with not only aggressive, performance ridding, but also sport and casual touring. By griping the tank with your legs, one will improve the overall control of your body motion, weight position and posture. With an increase in control, you will experience a smoother, less fatigued, and more enjoyable ride. "INCREASE YOUR FUN FACTOR".
The Versys isn't listed under Kawasaki but I
sent them a query to see if the general kits
(at the bottom) include a pattern (save about
ten bucks anyway). Gripster Sport, Snake Skin
is the one I'll be ordering, or maybe the clear,
'Ice' version.


Here's a review from Motorcycle Consumer News:

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Reply from TechSpec

Hey Earl,

We don't have a custom design for the Kawasaki '08 Versys, however with our General Kit we've included several patterns that can help assist you create one that matches your bikes with its lines.
Thank you for your interest, please write back with any questions.

Robbie Boulais
I just went riding in snow flurries with the wind chill
at 24°, gusting strong crosswinds moving the bike
around under me, wish I had these already!
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