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Motorcycle headsets...

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OK, I know this is a long shot, but thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone has ever tried a Nady (Vox) headset with a Uniden GMRS 2 way radio? I have 2 Uniden radios with Vox capability, but the only headset they specifically sell for them would not work in a helmet due to comfort issues (it has the over the ear type of earphone.)

In looking at photos of the the male jack on the Nady motorcycle helmet headsets, they look essentially identical to the male jack on the Uniden headset that is made for my particular radio.

If any of you have ever tried this match, I'd like to hear from you. Or if you've had success with any other type of vox motorcycle headset with Uniden GMRS radios, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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tray the scala rider me and my friend have it and it works very well. 6 radiostations and you can talk to 2 riders. works whith phone and GPS. http://www.cardowireless.com/scala_rider
I don't know if the Uniden has a one plug or 2 plug connection but Cobra offers an earbud type headset with incorporated mic. But I think it is only push to talk.

check out there website:
2 plug headset
Single plug headset

If tit is not push to talk, you might want to see how sensitive they are so they don't pick up background noice and stay on transmission all the time.
Thanks for the tips guys. I'll check those out. (It does take a one pronged plug.)
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