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Morning Ride to Cohutta Wilderness Area

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Started off at the house with a beautiful sunrise around 6:30!
Cloud Sky Atmosphere Plant Natural landscape

We had to eat somewhere... and I was in the mood for pancakes!
Tire Wheel Sky Cloud Vehicle

Went in through Cisco ... then out Cowpen Rd toward Lake Conasauga. This is about halfway at an overlook:
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Wheel Plant Cloud Tire Sky

Smile Cloud Sky Plant Leaf

Then at Lake Conasauga:

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Plant Vehicle

And stopped at the sign on the way out towardsCrandall:
Tire Plant Wheel Vehicle Plant community

Aired down to about 18-20psi which really smoothed out the washboard dirt/gravel roads. We rode about an hour and a half and barely got started. Hope to go back soon.
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Nice pics, looks like it was a great ride, definitely some nice scenery.
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Great stuff, looks like you enjoyed yourselves.
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