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Just finished fitting a Ricochet Skid plate, adders a set of metal hand guard rails & modified the Kawasaki plastic guards to kit with them. Also have a Seatconcepts Tall seat installed.

I modified the original side covers so that they fit. The right side just needs a couple of cuts so a section can fold out where the rubber buffer goes. Then cut 30mm off the end of that folded out section. Then the bottom rear corner needs a 15mm wide strip 30mm tall cut off to clear the rear mounting frame.

The left side just needs a D section cut out where the rubber mount goes. About 40mm wide & only 10mm into the plastic. The only issue with the left side is the middle bolt that holds the cover on is very awkward to get in & tighten but it can be done ! 👍😎

The only issue I had was getting the front bracket on. It was too long & about 1mm out on the right side because it was hitting the engine head, so I filed some metal off the corner so it would sit back further & line up with the hole for the bolt.

All secure & looks good. I did not want a black plate, so I painted it a dark silver.



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