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I like touring for multiple days. Each night I always cover my bike with a large motorcycle cover. During the past few years I have noticed on the forum that some riders have mentioned that their Versys had been tipped over by heavy winds when using a large motorcycle cover. This was certainly not a problem with my Valkyrie but I’m aware that it’s a possibility with my Versys.

I thought that the solution could be to use a side stand that has a broader stance. The KLR side stand, with its outward bend, fits the bill … but it is longer than the Versys stand. Since my Versys has been lowered, the KLR stand will definitely need be shortened. To make the side stand even more stable, a larger footprint pad will be welded underneath the side stand foot.

I purchased a black 2nd generation KLR 650 (2009-2018) side stand. The KLR stand, spring and bolt are required. The parts purchased are:

34024-0031-18R STAND-SIDE,F.S.BLACK
92002-1813 – side stand bolt
92210-1184 - – 10 mm lock nut
92145-0085 – side stand spring

The swap is not a 100% bolt on … but only requires a few modifications.

The frame portion where the side stand is attached needs to be rounded off to let the stand be brought up horizontally. Otherwise the stand sticks down at a 45-degree angle (not good).

The top end of the KLR side stand is square edged.

These square edges tend to hit the side stand switch cover.

To correct this, the square edges were rounded off.

My Versys has been lowered. Comparing my new KLR side stand to my shortened OEM one shows a difference of at least 7/8 inches.

Since I was adding a 1/8 inch plate to the bottom of the stand, I decided to shorten the KLR stand by 1 inch.

The following pic shows where the side stand was cut. You can also see scribed marks which makes it easy for the welder to line it up properly. Holes were drilled into the sides in order to permit welding a slug that was inserted inside the side stand pipe. That slug keeps things aligned and also reinforces the whole assembly.

This is the result before welding.

A larger foot was fabricated with 1/8 inch steel plate. A half loop was formed from a ¼ inch piece of rod. This half loop will make it easier to lower or raise the side stand with my foot.

Welding completed:

I now like the lean angle on the bike. My Versys is more secure with this shortened KLR stand that already had a broader stance than the OEM side stand.

After powdercoating:

I’m not a fan of JIS (similar to Philips) screws. I have therefore changed the screw on the side stand switch for a regular hex bolt (Class 8.8: M4 - .70 x 12 mm).

The final result:


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Nice work.

Broader stance is good, but does it lean over further to put more weight on the side stand? That is what will help keep it from being blown over.
Yes it does. It's shorter than the suggested length for the Moto Werks "shortened OEM stand". Thanks! :)
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