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The stock BATTLAX tires just wore out after approximately 9K miles on my 2019 V1K SE+. The rear was almost to the threads and the front had a very pronounced flat in the middle of the tire which led to some very strange handling characteristics.

In the process of removing the front wheel I noticed the clamping bolt that tightened the fork to the axel was loose! (first picture below) I rode the V1K all last season with the loose bolt! I bought the bike new from the dealer last year so not sure if it was them or the factory that left it that way but not good either way.

Had Michelin Road 5 tires fitted to front and rear wheels. Also adjusted the front fork spring adjust tighter by 4 turns (clockwise) more than stock. The fork spring tension range goes from 0 to 15 (360 degree) turns. Stock is 5 turns in, I added another four turns. (second picture below) Also made sure the front clamp bolt was tight. The bike is in ROAD mode with the rear spring force set to just rider.

Rode the bike to work yesterday to break in the tires and took the bike out for a 125mi fun ride today. All I can say is wow, what a difference. No more instability/head shake at higher speed, effortless to get the bike into a turn and now just stays in the turn instead of needing constant correction to stay in the turn. Bike feels more connected to the road but I seem to feel the bumps a bit more (although this is the first long ride of the season so just going by memory from last season). My riding style is somewhat relaxed, so I don’t know how well the tires perform when really pushed but for me the bike inspires more confidence which translates to a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Two thumbs up from me on the Road 5’s!



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Put a set of Road 5's on my 2016 V-1000 not long after they came out. Great tire for city highway and canyon, mountain roads. No complaints at all...

5's by weljo2001, on Flickr
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