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TL;DL I worked on my Versys.

I picked up my 2012 V back in December from another forum member, and it's my first bike. I have now put about 8500 mi. on it; predominantly commuting to work. As the miles ticked by I have learned about my throttle habits and how they affect mileage etc. I have also learned a tremendous amount from the forum. Thanks everyone.

I put my V down on the road in front of my house after I slid the back tire on some dirt. I should have been more careful, but I wasn't. I broke off my LH spool block and that made me sad. I also scratched the left side engine cover; made me sad too.

This past week I finally amassed all the necessary parts to repair and maintain, and it was indeed epic.

Here is my list of replacements:

Rear Swingarm (for spool block)
LH engine cover
axle adjustment blocks (now include sliders)

oil change + filter

It took me likely over 5 hours to do everything and I ended up with 3 little helpers' hands greasy and grimy, which the better half appreciated :|... but I was able to do all the work without leaving the house/garage! I attribute that to the forum for having so much awesome information that preparation was a snap, and everything I needed I knew to get in advance.

Sorry about PICS or it didn't happen. The bike was on the passenger pegs with jack stands before I remembered to take pictures, so I didn't bother.

After taking off the front sprocket, which was insanely tight! I saw it needed to also be replaced. No fish hooking, but the inside had been warn down so 8 perfectly shaped grooves of the inside plates had warn into the surface. There was such an amazing amount of crud and guck mashed into that tight space I could see why the chain had been pushing against the sprocket! I scooped about a fist full of metal and dirt glued together with grease and road tar from the gear area. Woah. I ordered a factory 16t and some radiator hoses for next weekend...

I ended up cleaning off the lube on the new 114 DID 520 chain with some WD-40 and lubed with DuPont Teflon MC chain lube stuff. Finally, I took the reassembled bike out around the neighborhood and it was so silky smooth shifting, and quiet as a mouse coasting to a stop. Woo Hoo!. The commute in this morning was just as magnificent.

So, again thanks everyone on the forum for having such a contributing and helpful attitude all these years (to pack the archive with the answer to any question I could imagine)

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